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Private Wealth Management

Private Wealth Management

We work closely with high-net-worth individuals and families to develop wealth and investment management strategies. We then identify investment opportunities to help them reach their objectives. We complement these services with robust execution capabilities and attentive client service.

Capital Markets & Advisory

We have access to more than 20 investment banks in Hong Kong to help secure the nest partner for your market needs including equity and debt capital, initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring and advisory needs.


More plentiful, updated and accurate information

We have strong ties with a dozen local investment banks, thus keeping abreast of individual investment banking policies, risk appetites, and advantages and drawbacks. Timely information feeds ensure clients can match their needs with suitable banks to get the best result.

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Save time and enhance financing speed

Our one-step service combining best execution, marketing and distribution includes follow-up by professional corporate consultants through the entire process from the initial client contact. Our consultants work closely with clients every step of the way, from client data analysis, evaluation, and investment bank's approval to execution of the transaction, This helps save time and efforts spent on paperwork.

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Customised plan to best fit client's financing needs

We keep abreast of different investment banks; policies, advantages and drawbacks. Clients who seek to deal directly with the banks will only be provided information unilaterally by the bank. By contrast, we are fully informed of the client's fundamental background and financial needs, and will conduct a thorough analysis before we compile an appropriate financing solution and select the best investment bank option for the client's consideration.

Secure your wealth by saving effectively

We are all working towards our next personal milestone. Whether you are looking to start a family, acquire your dream home or welcome in a carefree retirement, the pursuit of your goal needs to be anchored in financial stability.

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How we got you covered?

Guaranteed cash payments up to age 100

Annual guaranteed cash payment equal to 5% of the notional amount starting from the first policy anniversary until the life insured reaches age 100.

Potentially boost your long-term savings

Offer non-guaranteed terminal bonus1 to accelerate your potential return.

Enjoy extra liquidity

Recurring terminal bonus realization limit gives you more opportunity to capture the upside potential or even lets you self-create an extra stream of funds.

4 options for paying your premiums

Premiums can be paid over 5, 8, 12 or 15 years. The premiums are fixed throughout the premium payment period.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

It all begins with a conversation.

We ask about our client’s goals and help evaluate them. We analyze each client’s financial profile, lifestyle objectives, and attitude toward risk, and then develop a suitable wealth management plan. We offer strategic and tactical asset allocation and provide a range of investment solutions including cash, fixed income, equities, and other investments. Through it all, we offer attentive service and personal counsel. And as a client’s goals change, we can adjust his or her wealth management plan accordingly.

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