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Risk Management

Secure your tomorrow,
and that of your loved ones.

No amount of money can replace your health and wellbeing – or the role you play in your family. But you can at least have peace of mind knowing that if anything happened to you, your family’s financial security is assisted by insurance.


Life Protection

Offers high-limit life protection with flexible premium payment and long-term savings.

Health Protection

Protect you against critical illness, accidents, disability, and provide you with quality medical care.

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Life Protection

We offer flexible-premium life insurance plan designed to help you grow, preserve and transfer your wealth. In addition to life protection, it offers long-term savings potential to meet your wealth accumulation and wealth transfer needs. It’s an ideal solution for individuals who wish to grow and transfer wealth using life insurance.

How we got you covered?

Versatile protection

Choose life protection with a level or increasing death benefit.

Payment flexibility

Premium payment flexibility for achieving different long-term savings goals.

Easy access to your account value

Withdraw from your account value flexibly starting from the second policy year.

Guaranteed crediting interest rate

Enjoy a life-time guaranteed crediting interest rate of 2.00% per annum.

Locked-in rate for growing wealth

Guaranteed crediting interest rate lock for accumulating your wealth steadily.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

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Health Protection

Critical Illness

Often when a critical illness strikes, it can be both emotionally and fiscally draining. With healthcare costs on the rise, ensuring you have adequate protection can provide you and your loved ones with well-deserved peace of mind.

Quality medical care

Medical expenses are soaring due mainly to advances in medical technology and an aging population. But with good planning, you and your family will have nothing to worry about.

Accident Protection

Well-rounded accident protection with financial support to cover medical costs.

Disability Income Protector

Protection against income loss as a result of disability.


Critical Illness

These days, advancements in medical technology means people have a much higher chance of surviving a critical illness with appropriate and timely treatments. If you plan it right, you can win the fight!

We bring you more well-rounded and continuous protection against the unexpected. In particular during the fight against cancer, financial support can be available every year.

How we got you covered?

Covers up to 112 critical illnesses

Covers 60 major critical illnesses, including cancer, heart attack (myocardial infarction) and stroke, 44 early stage critical illnesses, such as carcinoma-in-situ and early thyroid cancer, as well as 8 juvenile diseases such as severe asthma.

ICU benefit

For ICU stays of 3 consecutive days or longer, the protection extends to designated and non-designated illnesses as well as injuries.

Continuous care benefits

After the first major critical illness claim, the plan provides continuous protection with extra 2 times for heart attack/stroke and extra 2 times for cancer (including newly diagnosed, recurrent, metastatic and persistent cancer).

Cancer treatment booster

During the fight against cancer, in addition to the extra 2 times cancer protection in continuous care benefits, we also provide 6 times of extra cancer protection so you can receive financial support every year, for a total protection of up to 480% of notional amount.

Disability care booster

Extra 100% protection if daily living is severely affected after a critical illness.

Guaranteed level premiums

Premiums are guaranteed the same throughout the premium payment period.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

Quality Medical Care

No one knows what tomorrow brings. As you progress towards different milestones and take on greater family responsibilities, quality medical protection becomes essential for ensuring the right treatment for you and your family whenever necessary.

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How we got you covered?

Well-rounded medical coverage and services

Covers expenses for hospital room and board, surgeon’s fees, doctor’s visits, medical appliances, cancer treatments, etc.

Various daily cash benefits

You will receive various cash benefits for financial support without affecting the annual deductible (if applicable).

Cashless arrangement for hospital stay

By the credit service arrangement prior to the admission of hospital, we will pay the hospital and surgical expenses directly on your behalf.

No-claim deductible credit

After a 2-year no claim period, you’ll receive a deductible credit of 15% of the annual premium for the following policy year.

Extensive hospital network

Enjoy the protection of an extensive hospital network covering every regions in Hong Kong.

Option to lower annual deductible once

You have the option to reduce the plan’s annual deductible once, regardless of your medical conditions, giving you more flexibility as you prepare for your retirement.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.


Accident Protection

Accidents can happen anytime. Apart from physical and mental sufferings, financial hardship may come alongside these unpredictable events. We provide a wide range of protection from accidental injury to accidental death, most importantly, offering financial support to cover the medical costs and income disruption arising from accident, protecting you and your loved ones at all times. Together with the simple application procedures, you can secure the coverage right away!

How we got you covered?

Well-rounded accident protection

Provides a lump-sum benefit in the event of death, loss of use or dismemberment or total disablement due to an accident.

Benefit to cover medical expenses

Provides up to 6% of the notional amount/ protection amount per accident for reimbursement of medical and surgical expenses.

Renewal bonus for extra coverage

Accidental death, loss of use or dismemberment and/or total disablement benefits will rise by 5% yearly up to 25% upon renewal.

Simple application procedures

No need to answer any health questions to apply for the plan.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

Disability Income Protector

A steady income covers your daily expenses and also helps to provide the lifestyle you want. However, if you suffer an injury by accident, a sickness or even mental disorder which results in a long-term disability and leads to losing your ability to earn a living, can life still be the same? Disability protection offers peace of mind by compensating for the earnings the life insured will lose if they lose the ability to earn.


How we got you covered?

Stable monthly disability benefit

Provides a monthly benefit after the waiting period as long as the life insured is severely or totally disabled.

Protection that keeps up with inflation

The inflation protection option increases the monthly total disability benefit upon policy renewal to combat inflation.

Adequate cover for a long-term disability

Optional Claim Escalator Benefit increases the disability income benefit by 5% of the initial benefit.

Support for rejoining the work force

Rehabilitation programs and worksite modification benefits are provided to help the life insured return to work.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

We are committed to protect your health against the unexpected is of the utmost importance to you and your loved ones. However, there is no such thing as a 'sure-win' package. We'd like to know about you and customize your very own financial plan for you.

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