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Family Trust

Family Trust Design & Managment

Family Trust

A family trust is set up by a settlor to hold properties in trust for the benefit of the beneficiaries. In advanced western countries, 80-90% of wealthy families carry out intergenerational estate transfers through the establishment of trusts of foundations.

We know that privacy and growth mean more than anything to you. We discreetly manage family wealth & affairs and act as a gatekeeper between the family and third parties. We provide bespoke services tailored for the family that differ from those of multi-family offices and wealth management institutions and we Excel at responding to and anticipating the needs of the family.

Long-term family prosperity and harmony

Enhance harmonious family growth while maintaining family values and family governance.

Agile, experienced, and professional

Respond promptly to economic changes and regulatory requirements.

Systematic and robust wealth management protocols

Handle strategic asset allocation, wealth protection, succession, philanthropy, estate planning, tax, and more.

Solutions for the bespoke needs of family members

Guide governance arrangements and define the responsibilities of family members.

Interested in family trust?

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Why the affluent class opt for offshore trusts?


Confidentiality of the identity of the settlers, beneficiaries, estate succession arrangements and details of trust assets.

Firewall for trust assets

Assets transferred to trustees become the property of the trusts and are not subject to the impact of the indebtedness, marriage, legal recourse, or death of individual family members.

Tax Planning

Avoid the payment of potential estate duties and gift truces.

Investment & Wealth Management

Professional trust companies (trustees) to manage, utilize and distribute assets, achieving the goals of wealth preservation and capital gains for family. members.

Wealth Succession

Effectively deal with the issues of squandered inheritances, change in marital status of family members provision for young heirs, as well as the succession of family businesses. Avoid complicated and prolonged probate process.

Business Succession

Avoid family business ownership being fragmented when operating into the third and fourth generation.

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