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Asset Management

Our Key Principles

At Unicorn-Fin, our investment capabilities are genuinely global - spanning a broad range of markets, asset classes and strategies. We combine our deep knowledge of local markets with the power of coordinated global oversight to drive better investment outcomes for you.

There is no substitute for experience.

Your assets are invested and managed by highly skilled fund managers each possess an average of 15 years' specialist experience and are given the scope to exercise flair and judgement within a portfolio's controlled framework.

Team-based insight-sharing and decision-making

We believe that lone-term investment success is achieved by bringing together independent teams of active specialists and investors who share a common commitment to responsible investment principles.

First-hand fundamental research

We believe fundamental analysis is the only method to measure a security's intrinsic value. We study anything that can affect the security's value, from macroeconomic actors such as the state of the economy and industry conditions to microeconomic factors like the effectiveness of the company's management.

Think forward

The investment landscape has become increasingly challenging - lower yields, returning inflation, regulatory complexity and rapidly advancing. To navigate this new terrain, fresh thinking is needed.

Fund Investment

Grow your wealth with professionally managed investments from renowned fund houses.

Premium Financing

Offers the certainty of long-term savings, plus an option to pass on wealth.

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Fund Investment

In a world where change is accelerating, we take an entrepreneurial approach to finding investment opportunities. Our purpose is to connect clients to investment opportunities around the world. We work closely with our clients, combining the strength of an institutional platform with the flexibility to meet their needs.

Fund investment helps you accumulate your assets in a more productive way. According to the World Bank, the inflation rate soared from 1.48% to 5.28% in the past decade, while the deposit interest rate increased just 0.01% in Hong Kong. Not only does fund investment hatches against inflation, but it is also leveraged for capital appreciation.

We offer our clients more than 100 funds that cover funds in different countries, regions, industries, as well as those in the money market. All of our funds are managed by renowned fund houses like UBS, Allianz, Fidelity, Franklin Templeton, Value Partners, etc.

Interested in fund investments?


JP Morgan Asset Management
Jupiter Asset Management
Janus Henderson
Black Rock
Value Partners Group
Fidelity Investments
Franklin Templeton Investments
Ninety One
Alliance Bernstein
BNP Paribas

Learn more about the funds we offer


Premium Financing

Premium financing provides more flexibility when it comes to paying premiums. As the policyholder, you’d be able to maintain better cash flow, thus minimising the need to liquidate your assets to fund premium payments.

How we got you covered?

Three ways for potential long-term savings

Steadily with guaranteed cash value, regularly with annual dividends and in the long term with terminal bonus.

Realization option to lock in gains

You have the option to lock in up to 50% of your terminal bonus on your 15th policy anniversary or every anniversary thereafter.

Flexible withdrawal options

You can withdraw the locked-in terminal bonus and/or non-guaranteed annual dividends which have built up on your policy.

Passing on your wealth to the future generations

The plan gives you the option to change the life insured to another loved one5 to pass on your wealth to the next generation.

Different options for paying your premiums

Pay with a single payment, or over 5 or 10 years to suit your needs.

Flexible financial planning

Option to take a premium holiday for up to 2 years after the second policy anniversary.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

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