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Regular payouts up to 100 years & flexibility to pass on your wealth

You have been working hard all these years to achieve not only a good life for yourself, but a better life for those who matter most to you. That’s why you need a reliable financial plan that keeps your hard-earned savings growing, while recognizing that your long-term prospects include the financial wellbeing of your loved ones.

With ManuCentury, you can enjoy regular payouts for up to 100 years and the potential to accelerate your savings. It also comes with the flexibility to pass on your wealth as a gift of love. All of which means that you can look forward to a fulfilling retirement secure in the knowledge that the financial future of your loved ones will also be taken care of.

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Life Protection

We offer flexible-premium life insurance plan designed to help you grow, preserve and transfer your wealth. In addition to life protection, it offers long-term savings potential to meet your wealth accumulation and wealth transfer needs. It’s an ideal solution for individuals who wish to grow and transfer wealth using life insurance.

How we got you covered?

Guaranteed cash payments

Guaranteed cash payment equal to 5% of the notional amount every year from the first policy anniversary until:

  • age 100 of the initial life insured, whether living or not; or

  • the guaranteed cash payments have been paid for 100 years 

Potentially boost your long-term savings

Offer non-guaranteed terminal bonus1 to accelerate your potential return.

Enjoy extra liquidity

Recurring terminal bonus realization limit gives you more opportunity to capture the upside potential or even lets you self-create an extra stream of funds.

4 options for paying your premiums

Premiums can be paid over 5, 8, 12 or 15 years. The premiums are fixed throughout the premium payment period.

Passing on your wealth

The plan comes with an option to change the life insured4 so you can pass on your wealth.

The content of this website does not contain the full terms of the policy, and the full terms can be found in the policy document. Please contact us for details.

We are there to support you through the complexities of succession planning, so that your legacy endures. We look forward to meeting with you. To arrange a meeting or to find out more:

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