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Retirement Planning

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Over 60% of people in Hong Kong aren't confident about their retirement and aren't sure how to plan for a brighter future. With average lifespans increasing, you'd likely be looking at a longer retirement period as well - this is why it's so important to kick-start your retirement planning as soon as possible.

The cornerstone of retirement is financial freedom. Your retirement plan needs to reflect your unique circumstances and investment goals, but all good plans are supported by the three pillars of retirement planning:

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Build Your Health

Whether you prefer a more aggressive approach or are simply looking to keep up with inflation, we have a solution that fits your financial goals and risk appetite.

Protect Your Health

Adequate health insurance safeguards your savings from unexpected medical costs caused by critical illness or hospitalization through injury.

Enjoy Your Health

With the cost of living in Hong Kong rising year on year, it's crucial you manage your retirement savings intelligently. Securing a regular income stream for the future will ensure you stay in control of your finances.

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We have helped hundreds of local clients to plan their retirement.

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Step 1: Have a clear retirement goal

The sooner you start planning, the more secure your retirement will be. A good place to start is having a clear vision in your mind of what your retirement means for you.  

Here are a few things to think about:

  • the retirement dreams you want to fulfil

  • day-to-day living costs

  • protection you'll need against the unexpected, like medical insurance

Retirement Planning: About

Step 2: Choose the right investment products

Choosing the right products to help your pot grow is an important step. The money you earn from your retirement portfolio can make up a large part of your retirement pot.

There are some important factors to consider when choosing the right retirement products, like tax relief, the flexibility of contributions and withdrawals, and the level of risk to take. You could also choose multiple products to suit different needs and diversify your portfolio.

Retirement Planning: About

Step 3: Protect yourself and your family

Retirement planning isn't just about saving. Make sure you and your loved ones are well protected in case anything unexpected happens.

Retirement Planning: About

Still struggling with your retirement planning?

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